Writings by Chris Hondros

Chris Hondros Blog from Iraq   (click here)

The Virginia Quarterly Review
   Summer 2007 - A Window on Baghdad
   Winter 2006 - The Fire: The Price of Oil in Africa
   Spring 2004 - Inside Saddam's Spider Hole

Digital Journalist magazine
   May 2005 - Polio in Nigeria  
   February 2005 - Election Day in Iraq  
   August 2003 - Liberia 

Photo District News magazine  (click here)

Interviews with Chris Hondros

NPR’s Morning Edition, 26 March 2007  (click here)

Democracy Now broadcast, 5 April 2007  (click here)

Smithsonian Magazine, “A Soldier’s Story,” February 2006  (click here)

Popular Photography magazine, April 2006  (click here)

NPPA magazine, April 2006 (click here)

The Boston Globe, “Rakan’s War” February 2006  (click here)

WUNC radio, North Carolina: September 2005  (click here)

Cable News Network, 21 January 2005  (click here)

MSNBC Tal Afar slideshow, 2005  (click here)

Newsweek Magazine - The Orphans of Tal Afar, 2005 (click here)

The New York Times - Checkpoints Raise Ire in Iraq - March 7, 2005  (click here)

Washington Post Online, May 2003  (click here)


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