Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Admist controversy, the United States began detaining the Taliban and Al-Qaeda prisoners they had captured in Afghanistan at the Guantanamo Bay base in eastern Cuba. International observers decried the U.S. decision to house the "detainees" in outdoor cages and, more importantly, to deny them POW status under the Geneva Conventions. Though the U.S. line has softened a bit (actual Taliban soldiers will now be given POW status) on most of the issues U.S. military hasn't budged.

Camp X-ray, as the prison camp is called, is a grim place. It's surrounded on all sides by layers of fencing and razor wire, and squat wooden guard towers are always manned by watchful snipers. Detainees are moved around the camp in shackles, escorted by at least two soldiers. But the prisoners have access to Qurans, a Muslim cleric, medical care, and are fed three meals of culturally appropriate food a day.

A guard looks over the camp from one several of its guard towers.

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